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Rehband: One company, thousands of variants

Rehband Firmengeschichte wodstore mit Gewichtheber Josef Hesse

Hannes Beyer |

Every sport has thousands of construction sites where you can work your way through. As a person who sees workouts as a balance to everyday life, the focus quickly shifts. Away from permanent consumption, towards self-realization in the context of fitness. But there is no right place to start or to start. Maximum strength is just as important as cardio capacity. But in the end we can at least give you a certain all-clear: Nutrition and muscle building are the basic steps above everything else. However, what is closely related to muscles in general are the bones, tendons and ligaments that surround them. Functional fitness was born out of the idea of ​​being stronger and healthier in everyday life. From the word of the everyday athlete there grows a certain responsibility towards yourself to take care of yourself. One of the companies that has focused on the pain-free and healthy environment is Rehband. You can see their bandages and straps in powerlifting competitions as well as in MMA, judo and bouldering. We will show you who is behind the company and what they stand for. After all, a store's values ​​are just as important as the quality and prices of its products!

Where does Rehband come from?

Rehband was baptized and born in Sweden. They have been specializing in all types of compression clothing for a long time, but they are tailored to each athlete. Due to their wide range of products, Rehband appears as if they consider you as an athlete just as much as an individual like any other of their customers. A lot has happened since the company was founded in 1955. The concept that emerged at the time as the "Institutet för Bråckskador" set itself the goal of supporting athletes in their training and in competitions without restricting their freedom of movement and mobility. The expertise for this comes not least from a merger that took place around the year 2000 with the Otto Bock Group, which in turn is one of the largest manufacturers of rehabilitation equipment. While Otto Bock specializes in rehabilitation and health care, with the range being based on wheelchairs, prostheses, splints and orthoses, Rehband takes a different approach. The focus here is on a proactive lifestyle. From this point of view, the parent company concentrates on aftercare, while the Swedish bandage manufacturer values ​​competitive sports and prevention.

Focus on competitions:

Deer band and athletes from all over the world are interwoven. The motto "enable your full potential" is lived as a philosophy. However, the focus is not on individual areas of sport, but rather interdisciplinary cooperation with medal winners and record holders. In the field of functional fitness, for example, none other than Josh Bridges gives a face to the deer band, while the ball sports are played elsewhere. Via the German licensee APP Handels GmbH und Co KG. In 2015, a sponsorship agreement was concluded with the DHB, the German Handball Association. For Rehband, it's not just how much weight is moved during a clean and jerk that counts. Bounce and knee stability during a sprint are at least as essential.

What does Rehband stand for?

Social commitment is very important to us at wodstore and is taken for granted. In the area of ​​fitness in particular, there is a wealth of opportunities to do good through charity competitions, merchandise with donations or charity runs. Rehband uses the reach that has arisen from decades of manufacturing high-quality products to promote health beyond sales. For example, they support the German Cancer Aid via “Handball Hilft” and repeatedly participate in charitable rehabilitation projects through Otto Bock.

Bandages: when are they right for you?

We have now told you a lot about Rehband and shed some light on the background. You're probably wondering now: "What does that mean for me as a person who just wants to go to the gym and gets stronger over time?" We'll tell you: The bandages, protectors and straps made of neoprene keep you healthy and stable. We give you two examples: With the help of knee bandages you relieve your knee. You can't eliminate a misalignment or muscular imbalance with it, but you can gain more strength. When lunging with heavy weights, the slight pressure of the bandages ensures that your knee can more easily handle the kettlebell or weight vest in a bent position. This ensures that your technique gets more focus. At the end of the day, we all know that better technique means more strength. Win-win with bandages!

Help where fitness needs help:

At the same time, elbow pads also serve to support your range of motion. Although the sleeves restrict you to a certain extent, this does not have to be to the detriment of athletes. Especially with overhead movements, it is important that your arms are really stretched. The sleeves and straps keep you stable and take care of anchoring the dumbbell at the top point with the help of the slight pressure that is created.

All in all, Rehband ensures healthier movement and support in strength and mobility. It doesn't matter what level of sport you are in or how fit you are: bandages, sleeves and strengthening neoprene could be a useful component. Whether you use it in the warm-up or in the top set is entirely up to you!

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