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Circulation in the gym and during regeneration: upgrade your defenses!

Durchblutung im Gym und bei der Regeneration: Upgrade deine Abwehrkräfte!

Hannes Beyer |

Big legs-big gains? Unfortunately, it is not that easy with muscles and strength. Musculature takes time, as you have probably already realized. Each of us who regularly visits a gym is an impatient person. We don't push ourselves to our limits for nothing. We want to be better, faster and bigger than we were in the weeks before. Because of this, once stagnant, it bothers everyone. Spoiler: Small plateaus are absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. However, some points in your mobility, warm-up, and actual training routine may deserve a few updates. Many points where you can tweak for better performance seem simple at first. One of these points is the blood flow in your body. We from the wodstore want to get on with her today. What is it essential for? What tools can you use to improve them? How do you get better faster? We'll help you get more muscles and less sore muscles!

What characterizes healthy circulation?

Healthy blood flow is almost as important as proper breathing, both of which are actually related. The current lifestyle in our working world is characterized by one factor in particular: Acute lack of exercise affects almost all of us. If you understand the body as a machine, the organism as a technology, it may be easier to understand how our body reacts to exercise and excessive periods of rest. A tool that you leave nothing in the workshop for a long time except the air and the temperatures, rusts and calcifies. A car battery discharges after it has been stationary for a long time and needs jump starters to even have a chance of being able to drive again. The situation is similar with our muscles and our organs. If we don't challenge the body, it will become ailing.

How does poor circulation manifest itself?

A problem with your blood flow does not have to manifest itself in drastic events such as varicose veins or acute shortness of breath. Rather, it's the little things in everyday life that should make you think. Do you find it difficult to climb several flights of stairs because your legs “close up” straight away, although your air volume is still easily sufficient? A lack of blood flow in connection with lactate plays a role here. Are you permanently tired, even though you are not particularly stressed, your family is happy and your job is stress-free? Are your limbs almost always cold, even in moderate temperatures? Then you are affected by poor circulation.

In fact, you are only completely unstressed if you do not feel any of these symptoms (although other causes can of course also trigger these symptoms. We can only speculate, but we cannot give health advice.) You can be absolutely healthy, even though you have small pleasures in everyday life feel

How do you increase your blood flow as an athlete?

Circulation is effectiveness, we've covered that much now. But how can you adapt your everyday life yourself so that poor circulation is no longer a problem? On the one hand, more cardio ensures better oxygen supply in the blood and thus a more even blood flow. So, to put it simply, you are equally productive for longer. On the other hand, supplements such as the immune system and energy from Optimum Performance help your organism as an athlete to be able to attack faster in the gym. Ingredients such as the combination of vitamin K2 and D3 can dissolve calcifications. The immune system and energy thus create a “free path” for defenses and regenerative intervals

are you immobile Then get to the blood circulation!

Your mobility and your blood circulation have a connection that you may not have been aware of. If your muscles are warmed up, i.e. brought up to temperature by increased blood flow, then your jammed joints will also open up, figuratively speaking. If your front squat isn't stable enough, warm up your triceps and back shoulders, and for overhead movements, your neck, wrists, core, and shoulders. So you always work specifically where more muscular heat is needed.

The heat is on!

So the warmer you are, the more blood is pumped through the required areas, the more efficiently you can work in the workout. If you use the warmed-up muscles, future muscle memory is used and the mobility gained is saved.

Working specifically on muscles and warming up is very easy, especially with tools like the Flow Nano . It works with both massage and heat levels, so it finds its way into tense, tight areas of your body twice as effectively. With a weight of 310 grams, you can also use them in uncomfortable positions without having to exert yourself. A tense neck was yesterday, a well-perfused neck is now in front of you! Thanks to the even, changeable lifting pattern of the attachable heads, you hit exactly where your body and the adjacent muscles need "outside help".

We want to benefit from you: How do you ensure healthy blood circulation? Do you use supplements, tools, or a long, extended warm-up? Write us a comment with your personal experience!

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