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The wodmagazin advises: This is what the perfect home gym looks like!

Das wodmagazin rät: So sieht das perfekte Homegym aus!

Hannes Beyer |

What Corona has shown us? The box isn't all that matters. Our fitness is. It is important to keep attacking on a sporting level. But how is that supposed to work? The increasing numbers again paint infections and closures on the wall in equal measure. Conversely, this means that the next lockdown is coming. Online shops are already stocked with more goods than in recent months. The demand for devices is increasing among the population. But what is important in a home gym and how do you ensure that your programming or your WODs are still successful even in lockdown? Even if the solution for this is individual for everyone, we have formulated some principles for you.

Principle One: What do you have to offer?

What we are conveying to you here may seem almost cheap. But please always keep this principle in the back of your mind, otherwise you will not only overwhelm yourself financially, but also logistically. When we ask what you have to offer, we simply mean: What is your budget and how much space do you have available? If you only have a basement compartment with five square meters, you should prefer a simple squat stand instead of a full rack, for example.

But what also hits the office are the prices that are called. Goods with quality just cost. We cannot and do not want to deny that. And if you want to set up a complete home gym, a decent amount of money can be due compared to your requirements. So you should think about what you want to spend beforehand. Otherwise a shopping trip ends, whether online or offline, according to the motto: "Having is better than needing!"

Principle Two: How do you train?

There are training devices that make sense for every sport. However, there are others who are sensible in their niche but are more of a hindrance in other areas. Let's take an Atlas Stone as an abstract example: Atlas Stones are a profitable tool for you as a functional fitness athlete who has an exercise that is perfect for stones with the odd object carry, as well as for strongman as a discipline in its own right. While a strongman can hardly do without a stone in his home gym, you can. Finally, there are many other sub-areas in which you can practice.

This is what the perfect home gym looks like

Who are you and what do you want?

You have to do the same with other gym equipment. If you build your plan with more static exercises, the classics like barbell, pull-up bar and yoke are worthwhile. If your training looks ballistic, you will definitely find kettlebells, clubbells and resistance bands in your home gym! If you come from gymnastics and want to work on it in your home, adjustable rings , TRX bands or weight vests are a sensible investment for you.

This is what the perfect home gym looks like

Principle three: Your training needs structure!

Order is half of life. As an athlete, you're no stranger to a routine, but applying it everywhere can sometimes be difficult. After all, pre-cooking a meal twice so you can be lazy tomorrow is easier than keeping a gym in order. This is especially useful when you have to fit a lot of gear in a small space. That's why we have two tips for you:

Tip 1: Misuse of exercise equipment

Let's say you use the Via Fortis gym rings . Combined with a Picsil Resistance Band , this makes for a fairly stable coat hook if the rings' suspension will hold your weight while in use. Here you can then add your weight vest from Picsil or 5.11 . flip over and hang up. There is still space for a coiled rope on the side. What's the moral of the story? If the space is taken up by a gym piece, you can consider at the same time whether a second piece fits into the shape of the first and thus saves space for your freedom of movement.

This is what the perfect home gym looks like

Tip 2: Programming is more important than ever

Unless your name is Sam Briggs or Rich Froning and your home gym is its own box, then you have to cut corners. There is not enough money for every competition kettlebell you want, and there is not enough space for every version of a barbell. This is completely normal. However, to ensure that you remain physically active and at the same level as before, you need to get creative yet strict. In a well managed box you get your programming through the courses communicated to the classes. Without an online coach, this construct inevitably fails in garages and basements. So at the beginning of your home gym career, make a list: What movements can you do with the equipment and the space you have? How do you need to scale? After that the work begins. Work on technique, on improving movements and limit yourself to individual equipment. Otherwise you will only get disorder in the long run, but no progression in sport.

This is what the perfect home gym looks like

A few words about wodmagazin and the wodstore:

Home gyms are important to us. We transport knowledge via wodmagazin, and we transport equipment to you via wodstore. With the help of high-quality goods from Blackroll , PicSil , 5.11 or Via Fortis , we help thoroughbred athletes and everyday athletes like you to be active. Community and unity are important to us, which is why we want to get in touch with you: What does your home gym look like and what are you missing for luck? Let's put together a list of favorite gear together through comments!

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