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Vegan protein bars - short-term trend or long-term gain?

Vegane Proteinriegel- Kurzzeittrend oder Langzeitgewinn?

Hannes Beyer |

Hardly anything controls our life as much as our diet. It is no longer just about what tastes good, what is cheap or what is within reach. Nutrition has become a science, and for good reason, as we at Wodstore find out. From Paleo to Carnivore, from the Sears diet to ketogenic nutrition: For every nutritional concept there is now a name, hundreds if not thousands of recipes and countless ideas that want to help you implement them. Simple concepts for dieting consist simply of concentrating on the essentials: You reduce the calories, either spread out over the day or only eat for a certain period of time in order to be able to lose weight.

Diet models come in all shapes and colors:

Other forms of nutrition rely on reduction, many of which are also ethically motivated. The most well-known form is undoubtedly the vegetarian or even vegan diet. The vegan version in particular regularly causes a sensation. Too reduced, almost religious, some say. The others who have stayed vegan are happy about more energy, better digestion or easier sleep. But who is right now? Is it the carnivores or the herbivores? As is so often the case, the answer to the question of all questions is not easy to find and is different for everyone. But at Wodstore, we've been on the hunt for clues, from veal knuckles to oat bran, to at least help you on your way to making a decision. After all, we also want to know whether we can get our target met with vegan protein bars or whether there is no way around meat.

To keep you informed: What does the vegan lifestyle include?

Vegan diet and vegan life are two different things. While diet "only" practices renunciation when it comes to food and drink, a plant-based life brings other arguments to the table. For example, no animal products are used in everyday life; no leather shoes, no hair gel with beeswax as an ingredient, the list is long. The diet starts one step earlier. Not only are meat and fish left out here, a moral tax is also levied on eggs and dairy products. This means for you: Whey protein is no longer included in the permitted range. You'll catch up a lot on peas, oatmeal, lentils and superfoods like quinoa and chia.

Sarah Ziemens wodmagazin barebells vegan protein bar test

What are vegan protein bars made of?

While the main ingredient in a normal protein bar that focuses on whole foods is whey, plant-based alternatives are often more complex in the recipe. If we look at the Vegan Protein Bar from Barebells as an example, one thing stands out: the protein sources are more diverse, consisting of rice, peas and soy. In order to provide the necessary crunch, a higher density of nuts is also processed. Unfortunately, there is one thing you have to do without if you want to try plant-based protein bars: the milk chocolate coating is unfortunately not available, since milk comes from cows in the standard process. But you have the chance to discover new flavors that don't go the usual way of your palate.

Benefits of Vegan Protein:

It's the value that counts: The nutrient density is just one of the factors that play a role in healthy nutrition. In addition, things such as the possibility of direct absorption into the circulatory system, tolerability for the intestine or the complexity of the nutrients also play a role. Does that sound too complicated to you? We reformulate what we want to say:

Proteins from meat sources are (generally speaking) of high value for the body. Proteins from plants such as peas and soy are lagging behind. But they are often loaded with less fat. This in turn makes up for the lower nutrient density, especially if you are on a diet. Plant-based protein bars therefore provide better sources of protein, depending on what life situation you are consuming them from. In addition, you can easily understand the recipe if you know your way around the kitchen. This is of immense value, especially for functional fitness athletes. The foods we don't understand how to make are often too processed. Finally, a tenet of balanced eating is that processed foods are always worse than those that are closer to their original form.

Attention allergy sufferers!

Anyone who also suffers from an intolerance to lactose should not only deal with the Vegan Protein Bars from a moral point of view, but also from a digestive point of view. After all, vegetable proteins only cause a fraction of the feeling of fullness that you feel with products containing milk.

Nutritional tips for a balanced nutrient balance:

A look at the list of ingredients for Barebells Vegan Protein Bars reveals what you need to know: As a vegan, you don't have to go without, just rethink. If gummy bears used to be your snack of choice, now it's walnuts and cashews. If you couldn't get your oatmeal without chocolate cream before, you can now try fruit puree. Did your soups and lunches rely on meat? Then you can try adding more plant-based fiber so that you feel full. In combination with the right spices and aromas in the background, everything tastes twice as good anyway, this applies to protein bars as well as to stews or a hearty chilli. Broccoli, kale, quinoa, and flaxseed are game changers for vegans.

The conclusion: Are vegan protein bars useful?

Everyone needs protein. And everyone has a sweet tooth once in a while. But animal products no longer have to be used for this. You can discover a lot of new things via alternative recipes and delicious own creations. The Barebells Protein Bars are also an absolute treat in the plant-based version. We at Wodstore are fans of animal-free nutrition. How are you? Does it always have to be a steak or are you now also part of the Vegan Bar and Vegetable Curry team? Please write us a comment!
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