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BCAAs - amino acids as an energy cocktail for athletes and athletes

BCAAs - Aminosäuren als Energiecocktail für Sportler und Athleten

Hannes Beyer |

The world of supplements has become confusing. Every mineral, every vitamin and every trace element can nowadays be supplied in the form of capsules, powder or the like. So it doesn't matter anymore what we eat as long as powders help us perform, right?

It's not quite like that. After all, supplements don't fill you up, they don't provide any significant input to our nutritional tract if we just eat them. Ultimately, a diet based solely on compressed nutrients would also be counterproductive, as it is too expensive and is also poorly absorbed. But supplements like BCAAs provide advantages before training, after sport and as a tasty tool for in between. When BCAAs are right for you and what you need to look out for, we at Wodstore will break it down for you here:

What are BCAAs anyway?

BCAAs are just a shortcut. The neologism stands for the long form "branched chain amino acids". They are made up of three amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. The substances are found in a balanced diet, especially in meat and dairy products. A diet consisting of a mixture of skyr and steak therefore provides an optimal amino acid balance. Amino acids, in turn, are components of proteins that are released when proteins are broken down.

Utilization of amino acids:

Overall, it can be said that BCAAs belong to the proteins. BCAAs can only be produced in very small amounts and have to get into the body through nutrition or supplements. The branched-chain amino acids are chemically constructed in such a way that in many cases they can be absorbed directly into the nutrient cycle and do not have to be processed by the liver first. For you, this means: Fast supply of energy and essential nutrients without having to wait until after digestion.

How do BCAAs work?

In order to understand how BCAAs or proteins work in general, you have to take a closer look at your body. An intensive workout stimulates the stressed muscles and creates tension through the blood supply and the loads being moved. It doesn't matter whether you train with a barbell or body weight, whether it's a yoga session or metcon. The tension and irritation that is created in the muscles must be relieved.

The body needs energy:

If the muscles are fundamentally undersupplied, they are in a catabolic, i.e. degrading, state. The opposite, what you want to achieve, is the anabolic, the anabolic state. It's easy to fall into the catabolic state after exercising. You have used up energy, nutrients, simply usable energy, are needed for regeneration and muscle building. The ability to easily absorb BCAAs and not metabolize them for a long time makes them an ideal post-workout snack, for example with cooling drinks such as fos BCAA Drink or Nocco BCAA that are low in calories and high in BCAAs.

fos BCAA Drink wodmagazin Amino acids as an energy cocktail for athletes and athletes-6

Energy absorption made easy:

This will give your body what it needs. You will feel hungry after a while and a balanced meal will do the rest. However, in order not to fall directly into a lack of energy, BCAAs are an important step. This allows you to remain efficient even after the unit and you can tackle the rest of your day without getting jittery or having to think about food all the time.

Are BCAAs more useful before training or after?

Depending on the time of ingestion, BCAAs have different effects on you, your body and possibly also on your state of mind, although they have the same effect. If you train more in the morning and on an otherwise empty stomach, one helps fos BCAA or a Nocco BCAA to give you an energetic boost for the day. The blend of caffeine and amino acids gives you the boost you need in the first class of the day. The calories will get your cardio pumping, while the caffeine will give you focus. At the same time, you can develop more endurance and strength during the training than on a completely empty stomach.

But BCAAs also help after training, as we have already explained with the mode of action. Muscle protection is essential for every athlete, for every fitness level and every sport. No matter how hard you train, if your organism is then in survival mode for half a day because you don't eat a balanced diet and it switches to a diet, the training stimuli will largely go to waste. Workout drinks or shakes are the best way to refill your tank immediately after exercise without having to carry a feeling of fullness with you.

Nocco BCAA Drink wodmagazin Amino acids as an energy cocktail for athletes and athletes-6

Conclusion for the take away:

BCAAs are amino acids that are easy to absorb and utilize in the body. They are mainly found in meat and dairy products and are also a component of many fitness drinks such as those from Nocco BCAA or fos BCAA Drink . They serve to protect muscles and generate energy for athletes at every performance level both before and after sport. If you have often lacked the energy to step on the gas during training, then BCAAs may be the tool you have been looking for for a long time.

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