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Training planning: Why you shouldn't do everything yourself

Trainingsplanung: Warum du nicht alles selbst machen solltest

Hannes Beyer |

You have bite, we know that. After all, functional fitness in the truest sense of the word is not something that can and should be taken lightly. With a reasonable amount of training, the weights quickly increase to levels that can become frightening. The movements become more difficult, the jump from crunches to toes to bar seems to be made quickly. But just this kind of progression also harbors risks, even if we don't want to slow down your enthusiasm for training. These risks do not necessarily result in injuries, but simply less fighting spirit than would be possible. Based on Ignite Performance, we at wodstore show you why coaching can help you as a "normal consumer", even if you don't have the ambition to get on the podium at Battle the Beach or the German Throwdown. And? Fancy taking it to the next level in terms of intensity, complexity and regeneration? We also!

Defeat the bastard: Easier with goals.

Fear of a snatch or a clean and jerk is reasonable but not necessary if you approach it properly. Your body is powerful, your mind is steeled and didn't you only master the basic exercises yesterday? To put it bluntly, that's all you need to start weightlifting or functional training. But high weights or dynamic exercises cause nervousness. Nervousness quickly grows into fear, and fear causes avoidance. You guessed it: avoidance attitudes ultimately lead to you not tackling things, although you are in principle able to do so. No top athlete has brought home his most important successes by sticking to his last like the shoemaker. New terrain is needed, at least from time to time. However, no top athlete does without a coach. Why? Because a trainer takes you by the hand. You can switch off your head at the right moments, concentrate only on the exercise and work on dumbbells and the like. work. Someone else thinks about the trappings.

Integrate relaxed into the daily routine:

are you employed Very good! Do you have a family, a dog and obligations on the side? Then you are like many, but you still deserve respect without end. Rocking life can get tough. It is wise to still accommodate sports there, but it is sometimes difficult. The way to the gym is too long, going to the changing room is too difficult and the couch is too comfortable. Many shy away from the long way to the studio, because combined with the unity in the class, a lot of time, sometimes several hours, is eaten up. So you often decide against the gym and in favor of a frozen pizza. But the coach jumps into the breach for you at exactly this point, acting as a stopwatch, calendar and assistant at the same time. It supports you in a healthier lifestyle, even away from the dumbbell. He plans your diet, responds to your rhythm and coordinates with you. That kind of support is hard to come by when you're just lifting weights for yourself. Once again, a trainer is used here to relieve you of stress and mental performance at the same time. At the same time, a team like that around Ignite Performance ensures in the long term that newly established structures are consolidated and help you to find inner serenity. To make it short: A coach will answer the sporting question of how, even with time windows of less than an hour a day, to get moving.

Helping people help themselves

At the end of the day, any sport is always about growing on yourself. Do you agree with us on that? So you still have a little work to do. A coach cannot take everything away from you, after all he is not a miracle healer. But what it can be for you is a kind of guardrail. Even if he can't "do gymnastics for you", he can guide you. Even if he can't take away your self-doubt in front of the dumbbell, he can talk you into it. Even if he can't make you sleep eight hours every day; he can remind you. And at some point, when the coach is doing well, you start reflecting, taking care of yourself. After all, you will be shown the right way in many areas. With any luck, this will cause you to become more interested in yourself. We want to explain this to you with a small example:

For a long time you've been afraid of deadlifting 100 kilos on the barbell. The power would sometimes be in the tank, but the spirit is not there. The 100 kilos are important as a reference value for athletes, after all, this is probably the first time a three-digit value has been moved. It is normal for doubts to arise. So your coach will not throw you in at the deep end and leave you alone with the 100 kg. He progressively builds your training plan so that you are introduced to the weight kilo by kilo. This increases your self-confidence, your self-esteem, your inner stability. Your ambition grows, and before you know it, the formerly cursed Barbell is at waist height.

What is the coach's impact now?

He didn't just lead you to the barbell. Above all, he showed you what you can do, what you are capable of as an athlete, as a fighter and as a person. This can serve as an affirmation and a positive example. Whether it's stress at work or a busy schedule as a parent and friend, you've lifted 220 pounds. If it's not clear to you yet, repeat this sentence to yourself over and over again. Make it your affirmation, your mindfulness exercise, your conscious experience. A trainer does not guide you through everyday life. It only makes you stronger, inside and out.

Who is Ignite Performance?

Ignite Performance, who inspired this article, are a fresh team of three people, Wilco, Nino and Eric.
Eric serves as junior coach. Why all this? Ignite continues to grow and evolve. However, Ignite does not primarily focus on profit, but on products. The products in this case are the plans, the time and the capacities of the trainers.

The range of people cared for is incredibly broad. Every kind of training experience, every kind of place of residence are integrated in the portfolio. Diverse lineup is lived here. At the same time, the trio makes sure that the instructions and individuality within the workouts are as personalized as possible. No unclear exercises, no standardized training plans without love and individual consideration.

For whom is remote coaching suitable?

Finally, let's keep it short: remote coaching is for everyone. Regardless of whether you just want to move constructively several times a week or no longer want to leave your sporting success to chance: A trainer who checks you out, takes care of you and kicks your ass at the right time: You will regret support in the mental area Coaching, endurance and strength never!

Get more out of you? Check!

By the way: Ignite Performance host together with support from us as wodstore from May 27th to 29th. an athletes camp in the Mamba Gym, based on intensive small group training, knowledge expansion through external parties and a family get-together, so that your remote coaches can also develop a personal relationship with you. Motivated? Then get in touch at info@ignite-performance or by message on Instagram.

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