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Training with a weight vest: When does it make sense and which one do I buy?

Training mit Gewichtsweste: Wann sinnvoll und welche kaufe ich?

Nils Bodendiek |

Why should I get a weight vest? Nobody should ask themselves this question who is still at the beginning of their training or who has only recently started again. But if you notice that despite regular and intensive training, there is no longer any increase in performance and you no longer feel encouraged enough during the workout, the time has come to make your training more intensive.

New charms through weight vest

A simple and very efficient way to do this is to use additional weights. Already 3.4 kg can make a significant difference. The muscles are challenged and new training stimuli are set, which leads to a quick and positive training effect. It is important to approach the right weight carefully so as not to overload yourself and risk injury. However, dumbbells or weight plates are more of a hindrance when performing certain exercises, such as push-ups. For this reason, a vest in which you can load the weights individually can score points.

PicSil weights for weight vest

At wodstore.de, for example, there are weights with 3.4 kg, 5.2 and 8 kg discs from different manufacturers. Important: A set always contains 2 discs, which add up to the desired weight. Here you will find all manufacturers with the best price-performance ratio.

It is important to pay attention to the correct fit and to put on the vest correctly before training. Coordination is also required, since the body is not used to the additional weight, even simple exercises such as hopping on one leg are unusually difficult.

Pay attention to the perfect fit

By attaching it close to the body, you have your arms and hands free and can continue to perform the movements naturally, which minimizes the risk of incorrect posture and the resulting consequences. You can work your way up to the ideal training with different weights. If you find out after some time that a renewed increase in weight is possible

PicSil weight vest tested

you don't have to buy any new equipment, you can simply add weights to the training vest. The weight vest shines in almost all areas of functional training. Whether push-ups or burpees, with the right additional weight every repetition becomes a challenge. But the additional weight can also lead to success when used in a few units to improve performance during running training. In this way, the preparation for the competition can be varied and challenging. Even if you initially realize that the extra weight is still too much for your current training level, you can use this as motivation to work on your form and thus work your way up to the extra weight little by little.


A weight vest definitely makes sense from a certain point and depending on the type of training. You should inform yourself in advance and if possible start with a small weight, unless you already have experience with weight vests. Beginner models from €74.90 + approx. €39.90 for the weights are suitable.

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