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Creatine intake for muscle building

Creatin Einnahme für den Muskelaufbau

Nils Bodendiek |

Sooner or later, every ambitious hobby athlete asks himself what he can do to increase his training performance? In Germany, the use of dietary supplements is still viewed with skepticism. The reputation is too bad, which makes many people immediately think of the topic of doping and illegal performance enhancement. The use of the right supplements at the right time during training can make a big difference in performance improvement.

What are the benefits of creatine?

No one is going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger just because they grab a protein shake before or after a workout. The same applies in this area: The

Multipower Creatine Powder

Dose makes the poison. In this article we will focus on the benefits of taking creatine powder. We deal with when to use the powder and which dose promises the best results. But one after the other.

Creatine powder is very popular in the USA. Many professional athletes and hobby athletes swear by the advantages and have long since integrated taking it into their everyday training. Creatine helps to build muscle faster and can help to significantly increase your explosive strength values. Over time, this allows you to do more and more intense workouts without tiring your body too quickly. In this way, the risk of injury is reduced. It doesn't matter when the creatine is taken. The only important thing is to take it regularly.

What is creatine and what is Creapure?

What is creatine anyway? Creatine is derived from the Greek word "kreas" for "meat". It is an organic acid that is synthesized in the pancreas and in the kidneys from the amino acids methionine, arginine and glycine

Multipower Creatine Creapure 500g

will be produced. Creatine can also be consumed through food, but it is only found in relevant amounts in fish and meat. Up to 140 g of creatine can be stored in the body, 90% of which is stored in the skeletal muscles.

Creapure ® is the brand for pure creatine monohydrate and is a German quality product. Multipower's creatine powder contains this type of creatine.

The right dosage depends on several factors. A dosage of 3-5 grams per day is recommended. If you stick to this dosage recommendation, long-term use is considered harmless. The rule of thumb here is: the more muscle mass you already have, the more creatine your body can store.

In conclusion, it remains to be said that creatine powder is the perfect training companion and that you can tune your body to new personal bests with daily intake.

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