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Dietary supplement collagen: Strengthen yourself from the inside out!

Nahrungsergänzung Collagen: Stärke dich von Innen heraus!

Hannes Beyer |

Let's be honest with each other right from the start. Are there days when you just don't feel like you can move? And by that we at wodstore don't mean your everyday life, which is certainly stressful and demands everything from you from time to time. Rather, we mean that your body does not listen to you at certain moments and “rebels from the inside out”. If so, then either your regeneration is not right, or your daily rhythm is characterized by massive stress that you cannot get rid of so easily.

(Of course, illnesses could have crept in over the course of your athletic years, but let's look at the regular case.)

Luckily, supplements and a balanced diet have a lot of imprudent benefits up their sleeves that you can take advantage of with simple routines. In today's blog post we will show you how you can make yourself a little more supple with a supplement .

Collagen: what is it and where is it found?

While you've definitely heard the term used in hair care and shampoo advertisements a few times, collagen (also found as collagen) is far more versatile than you might initially realize.

Human tissue is formed by complicated processes and has been able to develop its current form over thousands of years. For skin, bones and co. Above all, proteins for the formation of new tissue and bone parts are the means of choice. (In addition, there is a wide range of mineral balance, fats, carbohydrates and masses of liquid.) So that all proteins can do their "physical work", so-called structural proteins are necessary. They are also referred to as scaffold proteins. From here at the latest, in our opinion, a detailed look into the inside of an athlete slowly develops. One of these noteworthy structural proteins is provided by collagen. Collagen is a protein that provides strength. To put it bluntly, the structural protein develops a kind of tiny exoskeleton, which stabilizes you from within.

But to what extent does this have anything to do with regeneration, joint pain and supplements for everyday life?

Collagen serves as a supplement to a variety of tasks. Basically, as the purpose suggests, the protein provides proteins. So you can't go wrong with that. But it also serves to do more than strengthen the hair and give it a matt shine. But you can use the hair to visualize what happens in the organism as a result. Here, collagen has both a repairing and growth-promoting effect. The protein stimulates the growth of new hair, so it protects against hair loss in the truest sense of the word. In connection with this, what can still be saved is repaired.

What does that mean for your body?

As an athlete, physical wear and tear is not unlikely, especially when the workload and exercise focus is on connected muscle groups. So it's not surprising that some days after a tough round of competition in class, you're left feeling really bad. But this is where Collagen steps in “with a helping hand”. The regenerative effect does not only support hair, contrary to what is conveyed by the advertising. The tendons and joints are brought into shape by the structural protein and remain supple. It may well be that with your everyday frailty you only need a strengthened musculoskeletal system and a little more mobility in order to be able to train again without pain and with lasting fun. Collagen thus serves indirectly as a painkiller and old-age provision in one.

Calm down faster:

This benefit is combined with another aspect that plays a positive role for you: Proteins such as those that are available in Collide or as ESN capsules in our shop also support you in such a regenerative way that the duration and intensity of your can reduce muscle soreness. After all, more stable ligaments and tendons also ensure improved interaction between the individual muscle groups and, accordingly, a body feeling that demands performance almost automatically. Getting stronger and recovering faster at the same time: Isn't that the essence of functional fitness?

How should you take collagen?

Whether as a drink or in mixable powder form: supplements to support sports come in all shapes and colors. The Collide Drink provides you with collagen, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 either with the aftertaste of fresh mint or sweet-tart ginger. ESN , on the other hand, chooses the route via copper and zinc in a powdered version. No matter which version: Your next post-workout drink tastes fresh or has a pleasant citrus note and makes you feel more vital in no time at all.

Does your supplement cabinet have a reserved place for collagen or did we at wodstore give you a taste for it? Please write us a comment!

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