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Junk Headbands: Stylistically on the right side!

Junk Headbands: Stilistisch auf der richtigen Seite!

Hannes Beyer |

Functional fitness, as you probably already know, is much more than just a collection of movements designed to keep you fit. It is much more likely that an entire industry has developed that constantly brings new ideas to light. Fitness is not just a pure workout, lying on the floor after the session and taking a shower at the end. A fit lifestyle begins with a rested night and ends with a balanced meal. In between there are many things that you can use to express your sporting passion in and outside of the gym. One of these goodies comes from Junk and will upgrade your headband game tremendously. But where does the company come from that provides competitive athletes, moms, kids and loners alike with headbands that make you stand out in the box? Do they have a positive effect on your training? We follow up!

What is the function of headbands?

Even if it sounds trivial: A headband is not only intended as a headdress for athletes, but also fulfills its purpose in many sectors in two ways. First, a headband, like Junk's, is there to keep your view clear. But that doesn't just mean that with a headband from Junk you won't have hair hanging around your face to bother you with your next Murph. It also serves you in the sense that you are less influenced by the weather and external conditions. Especially in summer it can happen that the track for running intervals or the forest path for outdoor workouts is just dusty from the dry heat. If your headband fits properly, it can protect you from small pebbles or sand that could fly into your face. Accordingly, the headband gives you a clear path for effective sprints.

The fish rots from the head:

The second thing to consider when considering headbands is your circulation. Why? Because a very large part of the circulating body temperature is released through the head. Your grandmother's sentence: "A hat is almost more important than the second jacket in winter" is absolutely correct. The headband, in turn, supports your body as a natural air conditioner. What is exciting is that this concept works both in summer and in winter.

In summer you sweat, your body cools down. If the sweat now catches in the headband, it may seem unappetizing, but it is immensely useful. After all, this keeps your body temperature constant, almost as if you had a cold pack tied to your hairline. But you can rely on Junk's innovation, as the elastic fabric from which the headbands are made fits like a perfectly normal T-shirt.

Headbands as a year-round solution for athletes:

You can also use the same principle in winter without having to put on thick hats. As a runner, nothing is more important than good orientation and a sure footing. Walking through the snow with a thick hat can be tricky because it completely confuses you. Junk's headbands leave your head free, but still keep you warm from your temples to your neck. No sweat runs into your eyes during the sprints, so you can continue running completely freely. And the best thing is: without a hat, but only with a headband, you isolate yourself less from your surroundings. So you get more of your surroundings “on the run” in the truest sense of the word, without having to sneak carefully along every footpath. Win-win all along the line!

What makes Junk Headbands so special?

God knows headbands are not a world novelty. Similar to a doorknob or a board, they simply serve a purpose and are generally well developed. So what else makes a brand so special? What makes her stand out?
For us, two things are particularly relevant in this area: concept and quality. We have already highlighted the quality for you: Junk headbands are hard-wearing, long-lasting, feature new, sweat-absorbing technology and are also stylish. However, the concept convinces almost more - not only for us, but for the whole world.

Junk Headband Origins:

Junk hails from Arkansas in the USA and is a relatively young company just starting out. What is important to them at work is what also counts for us in the box and together: community, self-realization and openness to everything the world has in store for us. It is important for us as a wodstore to have companies like Junk in our range. Not only because their image matches ours, but also because we know that the values ​​that are important to us are lived; from pattern to shipping!

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