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EAAs - Everything you need to know!

EAAs - Alles, was du wissen musst!

Nils Bodendiek |

Proteins, proteins, proteins. What the veterans of weight training postulate can hardly be wrong. What Arnie and Ralf Möller regularly propagate has an effect.

Our body is essentially built on macronutrients. Macronutrients are fats, carbohydrates and the famous proteins. In harmony with each other, they provide energy and build us up, ensure a functioning immune system and simply ensure that we get through the day more or less well.

However, as with all things nutritional, proteins are not just proteins and are more complex to understand. They are based on amino acids. These "building blocks of protein" fall into two categories, the EAAs and the BCAAs. In this article we explain the advantages of EAAs and why you should include them in your nutrition plan.

What are EAAs Everything you need to know Shagel Butt

Differentiation between BCAAs and EAAs

Twenty amino acids have been identified so far. As already mentioned, they are sorted into two different groups. Methionine, leucine, valine, lysine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, tryptophan and threonine are assigned to the EAAs. BCAAs form a smaller portion that is also found in EAAs. Thus, the pool of amino acids, the variety of those in EAAs is larger than in BCAAs.

If you are looking for drinks with a protein kick in the form of BCAAs, which bring that certain plus to your workout and also pass every taste test, we recommend Nocco, directly from the Wodstore, of course.

Furthermore, the two different terms already make it clear what the difference is: EAA (essential amino acids) and BCAA (branched chain amino acids) are conceptually of different importance. The EAAs are the essential amino acids, BCAAs are part of it, but not all of the amino acids that can be supplemented.

What are EAAs Everything you need to know Robert Dopke

Effect and benefits of EAAs

As with all dietary supplements, protein in any form taken as a supplement is a supplement in the truest sense of the word. But especially with EAA's it makes a lot of sense for you to use them. They are not produced by the body itself, so they have to be "supplemented" with food one way or another. So why not use them as a cool down drink after your workout, save gains and stimulate your taste buds? In the Wodstore you will find high-quality, vegan and gluten-free EAAs from Multipower. Time for an EAA shake in the intoxicating Ice-Tea Lemon taste!

But what are the advantages of amino acids, apart from being useful as protein building blocks for muscle building?

Therein lies the real crux of the matter! EAAs are building blocks used for muscle protein synthesis. In plain language this means: If not enough EAAs are ingested, no muscles are formed in response to the stimuli, despite increased irritation during sport. Thus, there is a risk that without sufficient saturation not only no training progress will be achieved, but also a reduction in performance for you. Admittedly, an actual breakdown is unlikely, since the feeling of hunger takes hold beforehand and the intestinal tract signals to the brain that nutrients are missing. But caution is better than having to lick your wounds afterwards, even though you've worked hard on your skills. Precisely for this purpose, namely to ensure training progress, EAAs are offered as a supplement by brands such as Multipower for athletes of all levels.

Multipower EAAs powder Powder Ice Tea Lemon flavor

Cardiovascular and health benefits

Aside from protein synthesis, for which the entire package of amino acids is responsible, the individual, essential amino acids deliver individually for you and your body!

If you want to work on the stability of your bones, which is one of the guarantees of success in both strength and martial arts, lysine and threonine are your lifesavers. They help with the formation of bones and cartilage and are elementary for the "densification of our body structure".
Regenerate and reduce stress while you sleep is what you are aiming for? No problem! Isoleucine supports regeneration and the achievement of inner peace. Phenylalanine ensures the quality of sleep and brings you emotional balance, as the amino acid is also involved in the formation of serotonin. But the rest of the EAAs are by no means just decorative accessories. Most of the amino package sees its job as a game changer in tissue formation. So if our body were a house, the essential amino acids would be both foundation and mortar.

Who should use EAAs?

As already clarified in advance, you can't go wrong with amino acids. They are nutrient and aid. Only the amount that needs to be absorbed varies. It depends on the athlete, their age, workload and everyday life. So we cannot give a clear recommendation here as to how many EAAs are necessary.

But athletes on a diet as well as endurance athletes, martial artists and functional athletes can use EAAs to avoid breaking down in a calorie deficit, even if only temporarily. EAAs are also perfect as a pre- or intraworkout to get new energy quickly and easily. Ultimately, everyone has to test for themselves what amount and what dosage makes sense for them.

how about you Have you tested the multipower EAAs yet? In what workout moment have they saved you before? Please write us a comment!

Multipower EAA Powder Powder Ice Tea Lemon Flavor

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