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Booster before the workout - effective or an overpriced energy?

Booster vor dem Workout-Wirkungsvoll oder ein überteuerter Energy?

Hannes Beyer |

Fitness sometimes produces very strange blossoms. So it happens that your local gym may sell you a supplement that, to put it bluntly, is said to cure cancer, increase libido and produce 20 kilos of mass in two days. At the same time, workout gear finds itself in a variety of futility. Should we be in the market for training equipment for a few more years, a pot with an integrated dumbbell will certainly flood the internet and all advertising markets. As an athlete, where should you still be able to filter what is good and what is not? Although self-praise stinks, we at wodstore can promise you that we absolutely stand behind what we do. We don't sell bullshit and nothing where you can't at least guess the direct meaning of the equipment and supplement. Better a more selected range, but quality.

This is why our blog also serves to reflect individual product categories and to reveal their respective sense or nonsense to you. There are no miracle cures, every supplement, every training device has only one specific use. It's the same with boosters. Are they actually a silver bullet on the way to more gains or are they a taste-intensive waste of money with a non-transparent list of ingredients? We bring you essential facts closer!

What are training boosters?

Training boosters are not essential. After all, they do not consist of fats, carbohydrates and proteins in their pure form. They are not part of a routine, staple-based diet. But that doesn't make them worse, it's only limited in the target circle. Boosters like the one fromSportlerPlus have the purpose of electrifying you during your workout. The ingredients range in their areas of application from amino acids for muscle building and for the transport of substances to caffeine and taurine for the stimulant effect. The amount and composition of additional nutrients added to the booster can vary.

The objective of the focus drink is clear: it drives you where there would not have been much left in the tank "sober". Especially after a long day at work or a bad night, it can be useful if you use this legal kick to motivate yourself for your class. The ignition effect that is triggered in the body has no negative effects on you or your well-being unless you overdo it.

How does caffeine work in the body?

A key ingredient in any booster is caffeine. The amounts are usually dosed at around 30 milligrams per 100 milliliters of drink, but slight fluctuations in both directions are possible. But what exactly does caffeine trigger in us and how can you take advantage of the effect?

You are certainly aware of the gross usefulness of caffeine. Think back to the last day you survived in the field or in the office without a large cup of coffee, if one cup is enough. long ago, right? Finally, caffeine brings with it a certain type of motivation that's hard to come by otherwise.

As so often, the trigger for this lies in the detail. Caffeine is similar in structure to adenosine. This messenger substance is responsible for making you tired. So when your sleep pattern is out of whack, adenosine-like substances are often used to help get your rhythm back in and get you back to a normal bedtime. Caffeine does the direct opposite. The adenosine receptors are occupied by caffeine so that your body "switches on the attack" inside.

So the tiredness signals are inhibited, your brain is put under constant, positive stress until the effects wear off. What sounds drastic simply ensures normal operation of the organs and not the initiation of a kind of hibernation, as used just before going to bed. Adenosine puts your head on the pillow while caffeine lifts it again.

Who Should Use Boosters?

Simple boosters without massive dosage variations are suitable for pretty much anyone who is into both life and training. The benefits of caffeine are backed by science, so the test is yours. If you want to get rid of tiredness or are looking for motivation, the mix of amino acids and caffeine might be a viable option for you.

Aside from that, brands like fos orSportlerPlus not only provide the necessary kick before the next deadlift, but also deliver a cocktail of secondary substances that has washed up. If that's not enough for you, subject the two training supporters in drink form to a taste test and write us your opinion as a rating. You won't be disappointed, I promise!

At what point do you overrely on supplements?

As we often preach to you here, nutritional supplements are not everything. You should not rely on boosters in every unit, so as not to slow down the effect. Sometimes sober, sometimes "boosted" training, then you will achieve the greatest success from a sporting point of view. If you're also experiencing reactions that seem unfamiliar to you (raised heart rate or restlessness), it's time to take a break. To determine your personal needs, it is best to follow official dosage recommendations. But all in all, boosters serve as an excellent addition if nothing else works.

how about you Is there an ice-cold fos waiting for you in front of the box or do you go to the dumbbell sober? Let us know!

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