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Anna Mühle: Learn to row at Crossfit Go Ahead!

Anna Mühle: Learn to row bei Crossfit Go Ahead!

Hannes Beyer |

Rowing Workshop at Crossfit Go Ahead- Why Do It?

In the field of functional fitness, there are movements that are fun. We as wodstore celebrate every kind of movement, every kind of experience level and every kind of motivation. Would you like to attend a workshop on indoor rowing? Never. After all, the rower, assault bike and ski erg are three of the worst infernal machines that Dave Castro and the local coaches regularly incorporate into workouts. But maybe that's the attraction. Getting better at things that are absolutely pointless. Overcome yourself where your lungs are already whistling and where your body is flooding you with signals to stop. Franzy from Crossfit GoAhead answered our questions about the upcoming seminar with Anna Mühle in her box and gives a little insight into a discipline of fitness that deserves much more attention, even if we hate to admit it.

CrossFit Go Ahead Anna Mühle Learn to row wodmagazin

Franzy, in short: Why?

"We would like to give our members input from a wide variety of sporting areas and therefore want to offer and/or bring workshops to us from time to time that are relevant to CrossFit from a sporting point of view.
Since rowing on an ergometer is a fairly high priority in CrossFit, we decided to hire an expert. Anna Mühle is World Champion and European Champion on the 2000m distance (Concept 2) and has broken other records. If anyone knows how rowing works on an ergometer, I think she's the perfect place to go."

CrossFit Go Ahead Anna Mühle Learn to row wodmagazin

How does the workshop work?

Anna offers the workshop for all athletes who want to improve and deepen their technique. In particular, the focus is on teaching the athlete the correct technique in order to achieve better performance. Anna will not only teach the correct technique, but also give quick tips and tricks for rowing on the ergometer. In the 3 hour workshop everyone will be able to pick and learn something for themselves.

CrossFit Go Ahead Anna Mühle Learn to row wodmagazin

You will love what you hate:

Crossfit GoAhead therefore relies on becoming interdisciplinary active. In plain language, this means that CrossFit coaches are broadly based and athletically educated: Of course, Andreas Toba is a better gymnast than most coaches, and an Anna Mühle is better at indoor rowing than almost every German. So why not learn from the best like Anna when it comes to constantly challenging yourself and developing yourself until it just doesn't get any better?

Who is Anna Muehle?

Anna Mühle is Word Champion in indoor rowing. In 2020 she won two important titles and brought them to Germany: the World Champion in Paris and the European Champion in Prague, each at a distance of 2,000 meters. And that's not all, she is a multiple event winner, world record holder and not only victorious alone, but also as a team for years in a row. As if her rowing were still too profane, she is a Crossfit Level I trainer, riding instructor and studied sports teacher. The structure of the body and the reaction to any kind of stress is known to her both from her job and from her private life.

CrossFit Go Ahead Anna Mühle Learn to row wodmagazin

What is your focus?

Being active in competitions at the top of the world demands two things from athletes like Anna Mühle in particular: strength of will and efficiency. Your seminars aim at precisely these two points. By teaching correct technique and the optimal movement angles, she helps athletes in workshops to be able to give more power, which can be directly implemented over longer distances. Along the way, you'll learn to grit your teeth longer and not listen to your body's signals to stop unless it's really necessary. So if you thought before that you were tough: wait for Anna!

CrossFit Go Ahead Anna Mühle Learn to row wodmagazin

The added value from the point of view of the wodstore:

We as wodstore are committed to community. This is exactly what makes every event shine and special. Let's put ourselves in Anna's position: At an indoor rowing competition, unless you're competing in a team, everyone fights for themselves and for their placement. But in hardly any other sport does everyone literally pull together so much. The devices are identical, as is the load. All that matters is determination. Being able to get a taste of this kind of competition air during a workshop transfers benefits to kettlebells, barbells and rings - in passing. The rowing workshop at Crossfit GoAhead ensures mental development that cannot be replaced and that you should definitely take advantage of!

The workshop still has few free places. So if you are interested and have time on September 26th, you are welcome to contact CrossFit Go Ahead directly on Instagram, or you can also send an email to crossfitgoahead@icloud.com!

We wish all participants a lot of fun.

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