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2Pood - From now on you've got a lot on your hips!

2pood firmengeschichte weightlifting belt für gewichtheben wodstore kaufen

Hannes Beyer |

Have you ever been to a competition that was hot? One on which weights were moved, of which some people leave their fingers in training out of sheer fear? If you can answer both of these questions with yes, then you have definitely taken a closer look at the power animals on the weightlifting stage, everyone is allowed to dream a little.

Ready for a test?

We would like to dare an experiment with you: what did you notice first about the respective athlete? The first group of readers will say: "Of course, the body tension and technique! After all, you can only move a fully loaded dumbbell up with strength and know-how without breaking your neck!” The second group: “The charisma, the entertainment factor, the appearance of the athlete! After all, as a spectator you came for a sporting event, but it would be nice to be entertained...” The third group, however, pays attention to the surroundings. The fit of the kneesleeves, the weightlifting suit and the belt play a role here. After all, even the best athletes optimize their performance with equipment that conforms to the rules. This blog post is for you, for you. We at wodstore take a quick look at 2Pood and the associated belts, which are causing a stir like no one else in the areas of functional fitness, weightlifting and powerlifting. Let's explore it together with you!

About 2Pood-How it started!

2Pood is one of the old hands, even if the company image and the presentation communicate something different to the outside world. The company hails from the USA, from the land of the Metcons, AMRAPS, Murphs and, last but not least, the birthplace of the boxes. They laid the foundation for community, for functional sport all over the world. Ultimately, this also means that 2Pood had a long time to adjust to the concerns and needs of countless athletes. The Metcon Belt saw the light of day in 2011. Conversely, this means that 2Pood has been on the market for over ten years and has been able to grow organically.

Every beginning is a success!

In the phase of the baby steps, you could already see the efficient and strikingly designed belts at the regionals and at the games, veterans like Sam Briggs wore them on their hips (if that's not an accolade!). But over the years they have expanded their range and adapted the weightlifting belts to what is most important in functional fitness: strength and speed in one! New regulations made the 2Pood Straight Belt necessary because the Metcon was too wide to be allowed in competitions. The Straight Belt is now the firmly established foundation for all belts, no matter how colorful. Never change a running system is absolutely correct here! After all, if you want to keep your head up in a competitive market for ten years, you have to deliver. As for 2Pood: You are on the right track, that's for sure!

The values ​​of the company 2Pood

The community of fitness enthusiasts has always been inclusive, global and well connected with the help of online competitions, digital scoreboards and social media. Sports such as weightlifting, triathlon and military fitness all find their place in one concept. So it is not surprising that the community stands for cosmopolitanism and humanity. What counts in the box isn't skin colour, religion, origin or social class: it's only how hard you fight that counts. 2Pood joins the long list of fitness companies that regularly create a safe space for athletes of all stripes through designs and campaigns. To give just one example:

50 shades of fitness

During last Pride Month, 2Pood released their own Pride Straight Belt, designed in the rainbow colors of the queer community. At the same time, they acted as supporters of the Out Foundation, which fights for equality, empathy and education within fitness and health sports. Our conclusion: In the box, everyone is allowed to be exactly as he or she is (unless he spreads tons of chalk on the hall floor, then that's really not okay!

2Pood and their ambassadors: athletes from the front row

Last but not least, a brand is determined by who wears it to the outside world. In the case of2Pood 's weightlifting belts, no nobodies, absolutely no strangers step into the limelight. Well-known high-performance athletes such as Mattie Rogers, who won several silver medals at world championships in weightlifting, stand for the belts and use them on official occasions. Conversely, this also means that the belts survive endurance tests. So if you can't deadlift hundreds of pounds for hours without breaking a sweat, 2Pood is the right choice for you! Which design did you like the most? Do you belong more to the category that prefers simple and monochrome? Or do you wear your crazy self around your waist when your gym buddies want to try out a new One Rep Max?

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