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Where there is planing, shavings fall- side effects of the training

Wo gehobelt wird, fallen Späne- Nebeneffekte des Trainings

Hannes Beyer |

In the beginning, only the mass counts, then the strength, then the appearance and only at the end the technique. At least that's what many athletes would argue if they think back to their early days in the standard gym. Everything went haywire there. Sometimes you had no idea how to operate a machine or how your locker works. This then led to you testing hip thrusts on the back extensor simply because it looked right. But the first visit to the gym actually provides every athlete with pleasant, or at least nostalgic, memories. After all, from there you were confronted with a world that you wouldn't want to be without ever since. New impressions were waiting around every corner, so the sensory overload at the beginning was by no means just a muscular one. We at the wodstore embark on a little journey through time to disco pumpers, mass shakes and bad deodorant and explore together with you what lessons you can learn from your early days as an iron friend!

Learning 1: The Locker-A microcosm

In normal gyms as well as in some boxes, real abysses open up once you dare to go into the changing rooms. You almost get the feeling that the dirt from all the weekly gym visitors collects here on bad days. We probably don’t have to go into the fact that sports etiquette would be necessary accordingly. After all, as unappetizing as this topic may be, you can often find a half-drunk booster from last month between left-over banana peels, right next to a pack of low-fat quark with leftovers in the cloakroom. But one thing you should actually transfer from it: Sport is, who would have thought it, actually just about sport.

Stick to the concept!

As long as your training works, the muscle stimuli are renewed from day to day and you fall into bed exhausted, you have achieved everything. That's all that matters. So, viewed in a somewhat abstract way, a dirty locker can be a reminder of your work ethic and your everyday life: If you behave yourself properly, then you have done everything in your power. In the event of adverse circumstances, the following only applies at this point: Get your work done and focus on the good. The outside influences should fade when you stand at the barbell. Because in the end it's all about you and the weight in front of you.

Learning 2: Combat sports bag, knee bandages, etc. odor!

All of us, and really all of us, have had and still have the same problems over and over again, and in this case it's not about sore muscles: the training was stressful for the mind and body, the nervous system called for a strike. So after going to the gym, all you have to do is eat, shower, sleep!
But didn't you forget something? Your gym bag needs air, your clothes need to breathe. Especially nasty smells creep out after you've tormented your compression shirt in a long EMOM. It is also less pleasant if you only remember the forgotten laundry bag full of used clothes after a few days. What then comes to light has traumatized one or the other athlete among us for a long time.

Smell good and look sporty? It works!

But the functional community has once again produced a tool that can take the burden off your shoulders in just a few minutes, even if you are a lazy person. With SmellWell , more precisely the shoe freshener and the associated laundry capsules, you get freshness in your gym apparel again. Contrary to that of other manufacturers, the underwear concept is designed directly for active wear and synthetic fabrics, so that odors and residues can be counteracted in a targeted manner. So you not only ensure a more relaxed nervous costume within your household, but also support the longevity of your clothing. In short: fewer odors, longer shelf life. win win, right?

Lesson 3: Overestimation leads to failures

Ultimately, with us from the wodstore, you are now dealing with your ego. You've probably already stood at machines or dumbbells that left you feeling overwhelmed. This type of overestimation is widespread and not of great concern. But when it comes to learnings, you will find a pretty big one here: Your ego has no place under the barbell. After all, this set cannot be repeated often enough, after all, too much weight carries an immense risk of injury or stagnant muscle growth. So you should always ask yourself two things:
1. "Am I ready for what I want now?"
2. "Is my body giving me the signals I need to get going?"

In order to create optimal conditions, you should also pay attention to your recovery. Gadgets like those from Blackroll or the Flowguns are ideal for working off injuries and fighting tension. Everything else is up to you and your progression.

how about you Do you have gym fails that others should definitely learn something from? If so, let's discuss them in the comments so everyone can benefit from other experiences and their added value!

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