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Road to the CrossFit® Games: The German athletes give their all

Road to the CrossFit® Games: Die deutschen Athleten geben alles

Nils Bodendiek |

Every year, the Games are what all ambitious athletes in the field of functional fitness are looking forward to. This is where the best of the best compete. In order to take part in the CrossFit® Games, you still have to completely dissect every single workout in the Open and then in the semi-finals, subordinate your everyday life to sport, watch your diet meticulously and regenerate like a world champion. Anyone who says that there is still something easy about sport at this competitive level simply has no idea. Since the open is over and many scores for events that lead to qualification at the games can be viewed, we will summarize again. Time to give our athletes the respect they deserve and put them back on the Wodstore podium. We are proud of you!

The Lowlands Throwdown and German Throwdown as semifinals

Two events on European soil alongside the process of the Open this year have kept open the possibility for athletes to earn a place on the competition floor alongside greats of the sport like Vellner, the Panchiks or on the honoring traces of Fraser. We want to bring you closer to the athletes of the north:

Joshua Wichtrup

Functional Fitness Semi Finals Joshua Wichtrup Wysh

Joshua is an absolute performer. Coming from the far north, the blond giant delivered massively in this year's qualifiers . Already in 2019 he was the first German athlete to make his CrossFit® debut celebrate games. Joshua fought his way through all stages this year in a new competition system and made it into the semifinals . In particular at the Open, he showed what he can do : here he became the second best German. In the semi -finals , the Nordmann took 12th place in his newly opened halls at WYSH Fitness in Hamburg. He finished two of the six workouts in the top ten. Strong, stronger, Wichtrup !

Felix Rehder (Flixi)

Functional Fitness Semi Finals Felix Rehder Flixi Wysh

Last but not least, the German leaderboard was an exchange of blows between Felix and Joshua. No wonder, when the two training buddies and full machines meet, a head-to-head race can be expected. And it was precisely this race that bore fruit at Flixi . At the CrossFit® German Throwdown, Rehder finished 15th, but at the same time, just like Joshua Wichtrup , placed in the top ten in two of six workouts, specifically in workouts three and five. If there is any hope of a departure for America in the next few years, then it will certainly be with Flixi . We are proud to have you as a Wodstore athlete on the team!

Moritz Fiebig

Functional Fitness Semi-Finals Moritz Fiebig Pauli Athletics

In our opinion, Fiebig regularly takes the importance of stepping on the gas to a completely different level. In half of the Lowlands Throwdown workouts, i.e. beaten three out of six disciplines, Moritz made it into the top ten. Workout 1 and 2 suited him so much that he took the lead, at least for these units. He finished second in workout 1 and third in workout two. Ultimately, the brute force this weekend brought him to 9th place. To finish among the ten best in a Europe-wide competition is unimaginably difficult and at the same time unimaginably strong. If that hasn't become clear yet, we'll let you know again: We're thrilled with Moritz Fiebig's performance and proud to be able to accompany and cheer on him.

Robert Dopke

Functional Fitness Semi-Finals Robert Dopke Pauli Athletics

Robert has it together with the Swiss athlete Jan Matasika as part of the CrossFit® Lowlands Completed Throwdown in rank 27. His performance has always remained constant, so that the place he achieved is an achievement that reflects the entire competition . Except for one of the workouts, he delivered all scores between 20th and 30th place. Placements in competitions are like results in a shooting club: If the hit pattern remains similar over time, you get to know your strengths and weaknesses. As one of the best Germans, Robert will definitely stay hungry for what is to come! We are looking forward to what Robert Dopke still achieves and the chance of a games ticket in the future is within reach for him too . Robert is an asset to our athlete team at Wodstore .

Heart and Heavy: The Hamburg Ironworks

Functional Fitness Semi-Finals Shagel Butt Pauli Athletics

Also for German athletes who did not want to compete in the individual section, the hour has come in this year's qualifiers. Both the Box Heart N Heavy CrossFit® team and Shagel Butt, who is one of our favorite masters, shot their hearts out in five workouts each. Shagel finally secured ranking 24th in the Masters (40-44) and thus only just missed out on going directly into the games. Heart N Heavy CrossFit as an in-box team finished twelfth at the end of the scoring. They secured a place among the top ten teams in workouts 2, 3 and 4.

All in all, it remains to be said that we are happy to be able to present you with such a strong field of athletes of all ages. Functional fitness is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. If we work hard enough together, we might, with a little luck, even catch up with the superhuman Icelanders.

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