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No WHEYg gets around it: Is the morning protein shake essential?

Kein WHEYg führt dran vorbei: Ist der morgendliche Proteinshake unabdingbar?

Hannes Beyer |

Do you know that feeling when nothing works after a workout? Do you know that feeling when you try to fall asleep in the evening with a confused head, although tiredness and excitement are taking over the door? And do you know that feeling, when you sneak a few hours after getting up completely powerless until the lunch break?

If so, then you are like us at Wodmagazin. Of course, bad days are just part of it. Anyone who tries to convey to you that everything always runs smoothly is lying. But when the days start to pile up, you have to go in search of clues, for better or for worse. If you discover patterns that make you feel particularly lacking in energy, you need to change these patterns. For us, the rich breakfast in particular brought a big plus in terms of quality of life. What exactly belongs in a breakfast, why the first meal of the day is so important to us and how you can make your taste buds sing early in the morning without neglecting your routine as an athlete, we will explain to you here. But at this point we have to issue a spoiler warning: Multipower's Protein Cream has gotten one of the main roles in this blockbuster!

Why is breakfast important?

The question why you should pay more attention to your breakfast should rather be: How does your body work and what does it listen to? Our cycle is based on calories and nutrients. What we feed him can be used. So if you don't eat anything in the morning, you automatically put yourself into a state of fasting. This works fine for a while, because the body stores the energy that was superfluous in additional muscles, fat reserves, etc. But if these reserves are used up, then things get down to business: sooner or later you lose, even if the remaining calorie balance does too out of balance, strength and concentration. Your muscles decrease because they are used to maintain the body's functions.

A better breakfast = more in the tank for your workout

Multipower - Protein Cream - Breakfast table-5

So your breakfast is the first line of defense against everyday life, against stress, bad moods and unexpected moments of hate. Nobody likes you when you're hangry. Because of this, your blood sugar level should always be at a saturated level. Fruit, vegetables, oatmeal in muesli or the protein cream on the morning roll help with this. Even if you're a morning grouch, a small meal will help you fight the sleepy Grinch in you.

The morning power hour:

In addition, this note is particularly important for anyone who attends a fitness class in the morning. Training on an empty stomach can bring success, because training is generally always a good thing. But have you ever wondered how many morning PRs you could pull off if there was just a little extra motivation and energy? We advise you to test two to three benchmark workouts. Once on an empty stomach, once with a pre-workout meal. Depending on when you perform better, you can decide for yourself whether you want to do without protein cream , omelette and toast or not.

Croissant or Porridge: Which is Right for a Fitness Breakfast?

Every meal should have the same structure: proteins, fats, carbohydrates combined with a healthy amount of minerals and vitamins. It doesn't matter whether you choose overnight oats, a fruit salad or wholemeal bread. Nor is it important that even the smallest snack is always healthy and the measure of all things when it comes to fitness. It is much more important that your body reacts positively to breakfast and that the daily budget is right. So cocoa for breakfast doesn't hurt any more than carbohydrates after 6 p.m., as long as the balance is there.

Avoiding bloating for the rest of the day:

If too big a breakfast upsets your stomach, it's not an inevitable problem. It is possible that you eat too much and your organism reacts unpleasantly because it is not yet awake and at operating temperature. In order to avoid bloating and a certain "stomach" we recommend smaller portions consisting of simple foods. A banana dipped in protein cream makes a delicious fondue for the poor, a muesli bar replaces the kilo of porridge you have prepared and the quark dish in the fridge will keep even if you don't eat it all at once. Nor does it have to be the whey shake in the morning if you don't like it. Instead, try if it feels better in the evening or after the WOD and does what it's supposed to do: taste good, not hurt.

Protein Cream instead of Whey Shake:

Multipower - Protein Cream - Breakfast table-5
Proteins are proteins are proteins. This may sound simple, but it must first be internalized deeply. Every body, as we have now sufficiently established, reacts differently to food. That's why not every way, every nutrition plan works for every person. The Protein Cream only has a good 20 grams of protein per 100 grams of cream and whey between 70 and 80 grams per 100. But what counts is your feeling. Not everyone has to settle for one shake. If you prefer your rose rolls, you can spice them up even more with Multipower's Protein Cream . You can also use them for baking if you prefer a sweet breakfast and love muffins more than anything. Both Whey and Protein Cream deliver good taste and good ingredients. How you deal with it is entirely up to you. Even if you raid the fridge at 2 a.m. because of it.

What does your breakfast table look like? Shouldn't your glass of protein cream be missing or haven't you gotten a taste for it yet? Tell us in a comment!

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