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The German Throwdown is coming!

Der German Throwdown kommt!

Nils Bodendiek |

There are few competitions in Germany that have been able to gain such a reputation among athletes all over the world within a few years as the CrossFit German Throwdown. But how could a competition that was originally so small grow so much and what can athletes from all over the world expect when they meet again in screened form after the start workouts they recently suffered? We not only reflect a small version of the history of the event for you in the wodstore blog, but also collect athletes' voices that come directly from our team and provide a first impression of preparation, expectations and competition panic. are you on board

How does a competition like the CrossFit German Throwdown work?
In each of us who has dealt with the CrossFit Games in detail, one wish smoulders incessantly: to be able to breathe in the air impregnated with chalk, to stride into the hall to thundering applause and: as soon as we try to start fail the snatch. We imagine a competition like this or something similar, but the fact is that for everyone involved, the preparation begins much earlier than an outsider realizes.

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Preparation is key:

But what do you have to pay attention to? On the one hand there are the sponsors, who have to ensure that the scaffolding of the hall is in place. Strong partners such as Reebok Germany or event locations such as Halle 45 in Mainz ensure that athletes, coaches, judges and moderators are not only looked after, but are also well accommodated in the area. On the other hand, the occupancy of the hall has to be planned. This includes setting a date (we can tell you that planning an event during Corona is more excruciating than a Murph in a vest), briefing judges and finally the essential parts: the marketing so that people like you and us choose our favorite athletes yelling motivational slogans at the top of your lungs and designing the torturous workouts.

Between the Bars Photography Shagel Butt

But what are the athletes doing?

"Get an invite events" like the CrossFit German Throwdown are designed to confront you with things you don't know about. The CrossFit Games also regularly score points with movements that you simply cannot test in any normally equipped box. So what matters? First of all, sheer power comes into play. True to the motto of Lift Heavy: a lot helps a lot! If you can pull off a solid deadlift, be strong in squats, and rip pullups like there's no tomorrow, you're dangerous for any competition. But even someone who, like Shagel Butt, one of our athletes, still has air in his tank at the end of a never-ending AMRAP should not be underestimated.

However, if you are about to start a competition, you can pick up a tip from the wodstore team: Pay attention to the details! The athletes jump into the deep end. No workout is known more than a few hours in advance. Things like grip strength, posture and a stable core, coupled with clean technique save you from nervousness and allow you to perform well even under pressure.

Jan Gertz

Why are the CrossFit German Throwdown and German Throwdown Classic so popular?

To explain why so many top athletes make the pilgrimage to Germany twice a year for the CrossFit German Throwdown or the Classic Edition, let's briefly outline the meteoric rise of the throwdown: Since 2014, everything has been on the gas in all areas. This is how the original standalone competition among friends turned into a two-part competition that grew rapidly thanks to excellent marketing. The magic of it all is easy to explain: Benedict Gebhardt, the organizer, relies on international flair and clean partnerships. High-quality equipment, partners like Reebok and a huge heart for the community have meant that after the restructuring of the qualifiers, even the CrossFit Games became aware of the German Throwdown. In short: moving up from a simple event to the semi-finals of the games within a good five years is also bearing fruit during Corona!

Flixi Between the Bars Photography

Time for athlete votes!

How does team wodstore feel ahead of the final events of the CrossFit German Throwdown? How do they rate themselves and what needs to be worked on? Follow us inside the heads of some top athletes!

One thing in advance: What stood out everywhere with Sarah, Shagel, Maren, Felix and Jana was the fun they had. From our point of view, sport also stands for togetherness, for the big class reunion in front of and on the field. But that's where the similarities end, because every athlete is in a different state of mind so close to the bang:

Felix and Sarah are both looking forward to the international field of participants, since they both have experience from previous years. At the latest, when the judge and the independent evaluate every step you take, every dumbbell you lift, things get dicey.

Felix: "At the end of the day nerves count and that's why I'm looking forward to the live competition".

Sarah: “I can't name anything specific that I'm thinking about with the CrossFit German Throwdown. It's just basically that joy comes to me as soon as I think about it. That may be because I find the throwdown special because the field of participants in the international arena is so incredibly strong!”

Jana and Maren are a bit out of character when it comes to their preparation: “I took the qualification a bit too easy at first. Especially the days after Battle the Beach, there was something out of breath. After the first two workouts, I was in 24th place and just barely got a qualifying spot.
The pressure was therefore unplanned. But after a third place in 21.3. I was able to fight my way back into midfield and secure my place in the final.” So Jana.
Like many of the top athletes out there, Maren is employed full-time and not ONLY an athlete. The key here is not to overdo everything. “I have to (although) make sure I take enough breaks. Otherwise, I already notice that I get knee or shoulder problems. Otherwise, things are still moving forward and I'm looking forward to finally getting a taste of competition again and seeing where I stand! The GTD in particular is a completely different house number!”

What you should take away from here is that even top athletes have good days and bad days. Not every jerk can succeed, not every rope climb can reach the top. The only important thing is that you keep your focus!

But Shagel finally gets to the point in his usual relaxed manner:
“The CrossFit German Throwdown is not as German as you might think. In the leaderboard you have athletes from Italy, Belgium, France etc. There are a few calibers waiting, a few guys (for me) who are really strong and anything can really happen. That's not false modesty, because anyone who qualifies for this competition is pretty good at CrossFit.”

Nail it!

The original sound:

Last but not least, we have real added value for you at the start: We spoke to the organizers of the CrossFit German Throwdown and German Throwdown Classic to be able to provide you with first-hand information and insights:

Corona put a huge spanner in the works for the CrossFit German Throwdown. After the successful events in 2019, in which most of our featured athletes were already allowed to take part, there was radio silence. The organizers are all the more looking forward to "having fun with athletes and the assembled community in 2021 and showing everyone what we're made of in November!"

But what about the safety of the event?

"We are in close contact with the authorities in order to be able to provide everyone involved with an event according to the status quo. We do everything necessary to make spectators, judges and athletes happy on the big stage.”

What can athletes look forward to?

"Every year a little bit better! Set new incentives every year! We've grown a lot, whether it's with more people to cheer, a new partner, or a larger area. It looks like we'll manage to put on a good show for all athletes for two days and bring a little of the CrossFit Games home to the DACH region."

“We are also keen to take many of the top German athletes with us on our journey. Starting with a Lidia Barto to strong people like Felix Rehder or Moritz Fiebig. But the international field is also more than well positioned in terms of level, so we can look forward to an impressive battle!”

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