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Thumb tape for functional fitness and weightlifting

Daumen Tape für Functional Fitness und Weightlifting

Katharina Isele |

Hello my love,

Today I'm going to tell you about my experiences with thumb taping in functional fitness and weightlifting.

When I coach, I very rarely see participants in the Functional Fitness class training with thumb tape. I almost get a heart attack every time. I can no longer imagine touching a long hold without a tape around my thumb. I now even tape my thumb for DB movements and even pull-up bar exercises. Because if you grab the pull up bar in the Monkey Grip, you can quickly rub your skin open.

But why should you tape?

In functional fitness , powerlifting and weightlifting, the hook grip is a very popular grip variant. The hook grip, i.e. the thumb clamp, is not only for your safety, but you can also lift heavier and better. Even if it hurts a little at first, you will quickly get used to it. With the thumb clamp, the thumb is clamped between the dumbbell and the index and middle fingers. This grip variant also protects your grip strength and thus your forearms.

Anyone who now lifts and uses the thumb clamp will quickly notice that this is an enormous strain on the thumbs. The thumb hurts quickly from the pressure. To take away this pain and so that you can train on the barbell for as long as possible, I recommend taping your thumb. You can protect your skin by taping your thumb. Believe me, she will thank you. The tape prevents blisters or abrasions.

What is good thumb tape?

Many athletes use a Kinseo tape from the drugstore as a thumb tape. However, this is far too elastic. A Kinseo tape simply has a different purpose than protecting the thumbs of athletes and weightlifters. The tape is too elastic and too thin to withstand the corrugations of the barbell. The adhesive also gives way quickly when you sweat and the tape slips. Reaching for a more expensive tape is really worth it here.

Your tape should be elastic and self-adhesive, so it adapts perfectly to the shape of your thumb, such as Rocktape's Hookgrip Tape. So you can withstand long and sweaty workouts with the barbell - at least your thumbs can do it.

How do you tape correctly?

The practical thing about Rocktape's Hook Grip Tape is that the tape already contains pre-cut strips. So you don't have to look for scissors in the box, just tear off 2 strips and wrap them around your thumb with pressure.

Wrap hook grip around thumb

The tape should not be wrapped too tightly around the thumb so that the blood flow is not interrupted or impeded. Make sure that the tape sticks without wrinkles so that you don't get any blisters. The tape supports your grip on the dumbbell and prevents the mixture of sweat and chalk from rubbing your thumbs.

Wrap the thumb tape tightly around your thumb

I hope you found my blog post helpful and your thumbs stay healthy.

Until next time,
your buddies

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